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Powerful transformative change. I was so tired of the repetitive storylines in my life. The mix of Kathy's life coaching, reiki energy work, and vision boarding helped to clear issues I did not even know I had and pave the way for new powerful experiences.

Dr. Karen Gurney - President, Career IQ

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What People Are Saying About The Coach:

  • Mike

    "Inspiring and very helpful in attaining goals for yourself."

  • Jody

    "Kathy coached me through some triggering experiences I was struggling with.  She listened  to me and provided me with a safe and judgment free space to work on myself.  She offered me different perspectives and gave me tools to heal and grow.  She was very professional and easy to talk to.  If you are looking for a guide on your path to balance then I highly recommend Kathy! "

  • Nichole

    "I just had a distance healing with Kathy. It was an amazing experience for me! She knew exactly where I was hurting, physically on my body, without me telling her where I was hurting. She also knew I needed healing within my thoughts (I’m an over-thinker and I have anxiety). After our session, she talked with me and really put things into perspective for me. My body (mainly my right shoulder and neck) doesn’t hurt, my mind feels uplifted and more clear! I can’t thank her enough!!!! Thank you Kathy!!!! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family!!!!"

Personal Empowerment Program

  1. Empowerment overview and visioning exercise.
  2. Physical - Creating your best health, wealth, and security.
  3. Creative - Experiencing more pleasure, creativity and balance.
  4. Self empowerment - Confidence in self identity and willpower.
  5. Love and Connection – Increased compassion for self and others.
  6. Expressive - Your authentic voice and personal truth.
  7. Mindful – Inner & outer intuitive seeing & awareness. 
  8. Collective empowerment - Universal and spiritual connection. 

About Coach Kathy

Kathy Gittner is an Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Shamanic Reiki Master whose passion is to guide you on your journey to wellness and empowerment. After living for years with constant stress, health issues, and nearly collapsing from exhaustion, she had a wake-up call and knew something had to change. That something was how she was living her life.  The skills she learned to empower her wellness are the ones she uses to help others live a happier and healthier life. Training and professional affiliations include:
· Shamanic Reiki Master- Mary Maynard, Usui Lineage 7th Generation
· AAMET Level 2 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
· Integrative Wellness Life Coach - Integrative Wellness Academy
· Animal Reiki and Communication - Debbie Jones, The Ideal Method
· Master Life Coach - Andrea Leda, AYL Master Coach Training

Find out if the Energetic Life Coaching is for you with a Group or Individual Vision Session

Create Your Vision

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